What does the "Art" part of our name mean?

Art is a the “culture” part of permaculture — a necessary aspect of a movement that seeks to reinforce balance, sustainability and human connection to the land.  For Willow Brook Farm & Art Center, Art is a powerful and provocative tool to educate and activate the mind and spirit.

While Phase I & II of our vision, by necessity, focuses on the establishment of Willow Brook Farm as a farm and community center, the arts are never far from our minds.  Currently, we informally support short artist residencies and artist proposed projects.  During Phase III, we will build an artist studio cabin in the woods, launch a formal artist-in-residence program, commission works, and create a sculpture walk that will be open to the public.

We’re eager to build these things — if you’ve got a sack of gold burning a hole in your pocket, we can help you with that. Jet us know.  Sponsorship opportunities are available!