A note from Tim about our fundraising for our Beginning Farmer Fellowship

A note from Tim about our fundraising for our Beginning Farmer Fellowship
A note from Tim about our fundraising for our Beginning Farmer Fellowship

Yep. I know I’ve been out of the loop for a while… but not exactly with my feet up. OK, yeah, maybe I had a moment in a hammock on one of those 90 degree summer days… I’ve been so busy between trying to keep up with the farm chores, work on the farmhouse and establish Willow Brook Farm that I just haven’t been able to keep up with updates.

You may know (or not!) that I’ve spent the last two years rehabilitating a dilapidated 1840 farm into a non-profit center with a mission is to inspire environmental responsibility and sustainability though permaculture, small-scale organic farming and the arts. We just launched our website and fundraising campaign a few days ago and I’m writing to you to ask for help in spreading the word at this crucial moment.

No doubt there are a gazillion things out there in the world today to break our hearts, whether it’s the floods in Louisiana or a refugee crisis abroad, and so many calls to support a cause. Yet, I was inspired to start Willow Brook Farm, not as a response to a crisis, but to invest in our collective future.

I’m deeply concerned about the decline of small farms across America giving way to large-scale industrial agriculture.  I’m concerned about the over use of chemical fertilizer, pesticide and antibiotics that impact our health and our water. I’m concerned that almost all of New England farmers over 65 years old don’t have a young farmer in line who can afford to take over the operation. And I’m concerned that we’re  facing new, unprecedented weather that leads to unexpected drought, floods, freezes, and heat waves that impact our food supply.

In response, I invite you to join me and invigorate a healthy local food culture that’s good for our mind, body and spirit as well as the land, air and water.  Let’s invest in the next generation of farmers, and help them with access to land and the tools to farm sustainably.  Let’s enable artists to be our advocates, to inspire people’s spirits, and to empower us all to make choices that support a sustainable future.

I’m writing now to ask you for two easy and important actions that you can take to help get us off to a good start:

  • spread the word to people in your own network who would be interested in what we’re doing. Share our website or facebook page with people you know that are interested in organic farming, permaculture or art.
  • Let us know you’re on board with this vision.  Make a donation if you are able and post a comment.. Even chipping in $5 will help get us to our goal and show community support for our mission, which will be essential as we seek foundation grants in the future.  Sending us psychic support is always appreciated too.

To learn more about what I’ve been doing for the past two years check out our story.  Also, please let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas, or partnerships to suggest. We are open to ideas and collaborations and invite you all be a part of launching this organization.

In gratitude,


website: www.willowbrookfarmnh.org

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WillowBrookFarmArtCenter/