We inspire environmental responsibility and sustainability
though permaculture, small-scale organic farming and the arts.

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Why Donate?

Your donation is an investment in the fellows’ future that lays the foundation for their success but it’s also so much more. Your donation also helps ensure a future that includes successful and sustainable beginning/young farmers who will protect and preserve farmland and our access to fresh, local, organic farm products.

We rely on the generosity of people like you to fund the work we do, from providing fellowships and education, to hosting community events.
Thank you for your support!

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How You Can Help?

Put on your gloves

Yeah, you read that right! C’mon, put on those gloves and come visit the farm for the day and help us work on a permaculture project.  There’s something new to do all of the time.

Help ...

Got some skills? Volunteer with us. Or any of the great organizations that are leading the charge to a sustainable, connected future.

Hold business accountable

Ever hear the idea of voting with your dollars? Do it. But vote with your vote too.  Support sensible candidates and legislation that foster small and sustainable farming. Support sustainable labeling (organic, non-GMO, sustainably grown,  rGBH-free, and farms in transition to gain their organic certification, etc). Remember, the market always responds quickly to consumer demand.

Support Sustainable Farming

Go to local farmers’ markets.  Buy your produce and meat from local producers who practice natural, organic and sustainable methods.  Get to know where your food comes from.

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