Sunshine’s Ripening

Sunshine’s Ripening
Sunshine’s Ripening

Loads of apple trees are weighing branches heavily toward the ground. Many apple trees inhabit the hillside here, planted by previous owners, that have a wide variety of apples that soon need to be picked by who else? YOU!

We are hosting a make your own Cider day, you will get to pick bucket loads of apples and then press them with our antique hand-cranked cider mill. There are so many blends that can be created with an artist’s sense of taste buds and a diversity of apples at your fingertips. For the adults we will show you how to turn that sweet cider into hard cider by aging it in a glass carboy with a vapor lock. This is what our former settlers used to do to preserve their gallons of cider for the winter months to come.

With all of the consistent and sometimes heavy rainfall over the last weeks, the cover cropped fields and beds are lushly green with tall buckwheat and oats. Recently, we tilled in a patch of buckwheat and planted it again with oats, this will be for the WBF Garlic crop that gets planted in the late fall.

Firewood is on my mind – l’m almost finished sawing rounds out of pole logs that is now ready to be split up and stacked.

Surprisingly, a very young Asian pear tree that was planted in the permaculture row last year, already is bearing fruit. Take a look at images below:

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