Settling into Spring

Settling into Spring
Settling into Spring

This last week on the farm has been spent doing a number of different activities! We have been in shock at how Mother Nature has been keeping us dowsed with such an abundance of rain, even into the month of May! Flowers are taking off, the buds on our fruit trees are just starting to flower, and the Christmas trees are budding out now as well. On Friday night last week we got almost two inches of rain! The following day, to our surprise, we noticed our 3-year-old shiitake logs were full of fruiting mushrooms!

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We are anticipating an abundant wild mushroom year out in the forests because of all this rain. This past week we planted our red seed potatoes in the garden, they will produce beautiful new potatoes for the farmers’ markets. We’re excited to try using row cover to protect our potatoes from the vicious Colorado beetle that hurt our crop badly last year. The video attached to this post pretty much resembles the weather patterns that have been happening here this spring season. The rainbow took our breath away! We really love this farm and we can’t wait for all the different events that will be going on here this year. A delivery of hardy kiwis arrived this week, we potted them up into large tree pots to give them lots of growing space for now.

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It was in perfect timing too, we got to show them off to the head volunteer guys from Timberland which encouraged them to take on a big project here in June. We will be working with 25 people to clear slash from the slope and build terraces for these kiwis to be grown. They will be also helping us create a large brick pizza oven here for the community and friends. A sincerely HUGE thank you to all the volunteers planning to come spend the day with us working on these exciting and rewarding tasks!

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