Surprise — t’s been dramatically colder up here on the hill! In fact, just this week we had a hard frost with drifting snowfall in the air as the wind blew plunging the temperature into the mid 20’s. It seems that the warm trend of this unique year has finally ended, returning us back into our warm wool coats and hats. Dreaming of sledding down our snow covered huge hill into the wide open clear cut to soon hike back up to the house with red cheeks and numb fingers eagerly awaiting to sip hot chocolate by the fire while listening Christmas music……

Although these day dreams will eventually become reality, we have A LOT to do right now before the ground freezes and we inevitably get pummeled by a foot of snow!

Recently, we have been devoting the majority of our attention towards the garden. We have gained much wisdom since the beginning of the year by reading a book throughout the summer called, The Market GardenerA Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming. We have learned so much from this book, we are taking the opportunity now to perform a crucial task before the soil freezes, we need to reshape and align all of the garden beds to specific key measurements to ensure our swift transplanting in the Spring, enabling a successful market gardening experience next year. Making a living gardening can be tough without an essential guide to direct you and assist in the complex task of planning ahead, just to name a few, dates to plant indoors, amount, transplant dates, direct seed dates, spacing, cultivars for your region, cash crop comparison, rotational plantings, harvesting, successional planting, over wintering, and much more.

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