Capturing, Storing & Irrigating with Rain Water

Capturing, Storing & Irrigating with Rain Water
Capturing, Storing & Irrigating with Rain Water
Capturing, Storing & Irrigating with Rain Water aka our C.S.I. Rain Water Operation

Warning: Classified information. Only the most intelligent folks may understand what we’re about to share. 

There is a way to catch — literally catch — rain when it falls. Unbelievably, that rain can the be used ANY time that you want to! Since this year has been historically dry, we have been desperate for water. It’s so dry that lush New Hampshire is starting to look just like the Mojave Desert. Check out our new crops:



Well…. OK, maybe we’re not quite that dry yet… but we are definitely in need of some serious rain.


We have a plan. We can make it rain anytime that we want with just a flip of a switch. Imagine the rain clouds magically appearing to drop the precious moisture exactly where we want it to fall, into our gardens rather than running off into the streets.


Introducing our state of the art C. S. I. System

With this system installed, you can do everything mentioned above. Well… figuratively.

Rain lands on the roof of our barn, gradually runs down into our 16ft long gutter, channels through a downspout into a 330 gallon collection tank.

We had a mere .40in rain shower recently that literally filled the tank.

Connect a hose to the tank, a pump, flip a switch and water gushes through 75 ft of hose to feed the garden.


50 easy payments of $19.95! (or call us up and we’ll tell you what to do.)

Here are some photos, but please remember this is top secret advanced technology. Only share with trusted friends or citizens living within the first 20,000 ft of altitude of the Earth’s crust.


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  • Marlene Hurley Posted August 24, 2016 8:34 pm

    I knew my ingenious son would figure out how to water those trees!


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