Application for our 2019 call for proposals to our Beginning Farmer Fellowship.

Before you apply, you must first send an email to Tim at  to express your intent to apply for the Fellowship.

Include a brief (100 word or less) description of your farming experience.

Currently, we are asking first year Fellows to work on the Willow Brook Farm CSA.  During this first year, you will create an in-depth proposal for how you intend to use the second year of the Fellowship period.  We anticipate that Fellowship projects could vary widely to include, but certainly not limited to:

  • create a CSA
  • sell farm products at one or more farmers’ markets
  • produce and sell winter greens or
  • raise livestock for dairy or meat (provided all animals are treated humanely)

Please be as specific as possible.  Describe anticipated facility needs.  Review our website carefully so that you understand our mission and the scope of this Fellowship opportunity.  Make sure you are familiar with expectations and commitments as described on the application information page.